Horseback Riding

Many years ago, horseback riding sole purpose was a means of transportation to get individuals and goods from one place to another. Today, horseback riding has been converted into a much loved hobby and even a form of therapy. Rutherford offers equestrian fans astonishing views in a peaceful environment on a safe trail. Children who are interested in learning to ride benefit in many ways including the experience of learning how to care for an animal.

The benefits of horseback riding may not have the same benefits as a cardio workout, horseback riding helps the rider learn balance. It improves his or her coordination and motor function. It burns calories at an approximate rate of five calories per minute, which is 350 calories per hour. Those who ride are also known to experience less muscle cramps and tend to have stronger cardiovascular systems. Riders improve their circulation, stimulation of sensory integration and visual perception of space. They develop a better sense of responsibility, self-discipline and patience.

The Equestrian Trail Coalition of WNC

The only equestrian center in Rutherford, NC is the Equestrian Trail Coalition of WNC. The center began back in 2013 when the center realized the need for an outlet for those who enjoy horseback riding. Today, they continue to promote horseback riding trail riding activities in the community. They’re in the process of developing a trail for riders to enjoy that extends throughout Rutherford County. Currently, it’s the only equestrian trail in the area, but the Equestrian Trail Coalition of WNC has a group that meets in Rutherford and would like to extend to other nearby counties.

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Hiking Alone

Let someone know where you will be and when you plan to return. On a long-distance hike, leave behind a copy of your itinerary.