Broad River Section 1 (Lake Lure Dam/Island Creek Rd to Rock Springs Ch Rd)

Broad River Section 1 (Lake Lure Dam/Island Creek Rd to Rock Springs Ch Rd)


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Length 3.3 miles

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The section consists of mostly Class I and II waters. Some experience is necessary to navigate this section safely. There are multiple rapids that require an accurate read to avoid tipping your boat. Skirts and helmets are recommended for kayakers.



Put-In: There is a very small unmarked riverside gravel area upriver near Island Creek Rd. This is not an official public access but is used. Can fit 2-3 cars. Scramble down bank to get in river.

Take-Out: River Creek Campground - not a public take-out but can be arranged by calling ahead to campground. Please check in with owners and ask where to park. Suggested offer of $5 for parking and using access. Additional unofficial options along US 64/74-A before Rock Springs Ch Rd with a small graveled parking areas and a worn paths to the river.

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Pack a Kit

Make sure you have the supplies to deal with major injuries, and make sure you have the knowledge to use it.